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‘The Following Game is tremendously good. As with his book on teaching, Jonathan Smith seems to have invented a genre to meet his immediate needs. The result is completely natural: talking voice, spontaneity of exposition, insights and connections popping up as and when they need to, candour, uncompromised expressions of feeling all that. So it speaks to me who couldn t be more indifferent to cricket with great directness and passion.’
Christopher Reid, winner of the Costa Book of the Year 2009, on The Following Game

‘The Following Game is a wonderfully subtle auto-biography, witty, reticent, modest, laugh out loud humorous (on many pages), generous, uncomplaining, self-deprecatory, observant, sensitive, classless, profound, and widely perceptive of ideas, places and people. It is and will remain a classic.’
Robert McCrum, The Observer, on The Following Game

“Not just a fascinating story but a finely written, in-depth analysis of the growth of a remarkable organisation and curriculum.” Dr Caroline Ellwood, on The International Baccalaureate: pioneering in education

“As both a reader and conributor, I find the ISJ very relevant to our work with international schools and increasingly relevant to a broader range of schools who are trying to become more international in outlook. In fact, it remains one of the few publications that is focused on the very important (and rapidly growing) sector of international education. It provides very readable articles grounded in practice but with some depth of research behind them – an important combination.” Dr Lesley Snowball, curriculum and professional development consultant

“The international teaching community is steadily growing, and the availibility of such a comprehensive and accessible journal [International Schools Journal] will be crucial to the professional development of teachers and administrators in international schools.” Eivind Lodemel, International School Dhaka

ISJ combines academic scholarship with practical common sense and is widely read amongst the community of international educators. I am proud to write for ISJ and always keen to read it.” Professor George Walker

“Reading the ISJ is an excellent way for all those involved in international education to keep informed about the latest views of fellow educators in the field. There is usually at least one article in each edition which will stimulate the reader, and awaken interest. All the more reason, therefore, for it not to stop at the director’s desk, but to be circulated comprehensively throughout the school.” Maurice Carder, author, Bilingualism in International Schools (2007)


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