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Preventing Extremism and Terrorist Recruitment September 18, 2015

Posted by Alex, Managing Director in New releases.
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9781909717688We are thrilled to have teamed up with Hanif Qadir to publish an essential new book, Preventing Extremism and Terrorist Recruitment.

Hanif  is recognised as one of the world’s leading specialists in positively transforming violent extremists. He is actively involved in advising and assisting senior policy makers around the globe in reforming key aspects of the Preventing Violent Extremism agenda.
This is an essential book for all those who work with young people in whatever context, and for all those institutions that have a statutory duty to prevent people from being drawn in to extremism and terorism.
Hanif outlines the challenges and realities of the current threats, and the various early indicators of extremism and radicalisation. Drawing on his experience of working with hundreds of high risk terrorist and violent extremist cases, the book examines when and how intervention should take place – and, crucially, suggests what success and failure will look like.

Anonymous case studies from a wide variety of young people demonstrate the numerous push-and-pull factors in play and detail the practical methods and solutions involved with changing permanently attitudes and behaviours. Hanif Qadir is the CEO of the Active Change Foundation. He works closely with a wide range of governmental institutions, most of the UK’s Police Authorities, and research academics across the globe, with a view to applying a more sensitive and sensible approach in counter-terrorism strategies.

In 2002, Hanif joined a network of Al Qaida members, after 9/11 and the invasion of Afghanistan, spending most of his time with the network throughout 2002. He then travelled to Afghanistan, and realized that young men and women were being used as cannon fodder in a war that many people knew little about. After a hostile argument with some high ranking Taliban commanders, Hanif returned to the UK to safeguard young men and women from similar experiences, losing their lives and harming their communities.

He has since worked with some of the UK’s high risk terrorist and violent extremist cases and has challenged many known figureheads who lead violently extreme groups both at home and abroad. He has prevented a number of people from participating in terrorist activities. In so doing, he prevented those individuals from being killed, killing others or being locked away for many years.

Hanif has a unique understanding and hard won experience of the modus operandi of Al Qaeda and Al Shabab inspired groups and individuals. He is now recognized as arguably the best violent extremist and de-rad expert in Europe and he is called upon around the world to advise on effective strategies to counter violent extremism.

Preventing Extremism and Terrorist Recruitment will be published in January 2016, £20.