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New release – People, Pens & Paper July 6, 2015

Posted by Samantha Wilkins in New releases.

People, Pens & Paper - James WrenWe are delighted to announce the release of a new book that explores how teachers can encourage their students to generate fresh, creative solutions to benefit our world and build their ‘soft skills’.

People, Pens & Paper, by James Wren is all about finding unique ways for students to generate fresh, practical and engaging ideas. The book also looks to nurture the ‘soft skills’ that make all the difference and add a unique ‘spark’ to the skill-set of any student. These are the skills which organisations of every kind are looking for – the ability to think creatively and turn clever ideas into something sustainable.

The book does not aspire to create budding artists, it aims to encourage students to embrace the first stage of the creative process. The book is therefore packed with creative suggestions, briefs and real-world projects with potential real-world outcomes that teachers can get students involved in.

James Wren is the owner of The School of Creative Thinking, based in Austria. Born in Singapore and educated in Australia and the UK, he runs ‘think tank’ and ‘design agency’ workshops in schools throughout the world focusing on the idea generation stage. Having previously worked with creative agencies on the copywriting and conceptual side for global brand accounts throughout Europe, James has also taught art, design and media studies at international schools. He also produces brand design for schools and has presented his organisation at educational conferences in the US and Europe.

“In a world where too much schooling is narrow and uninspiring but where we need young people with creativity and self-confidence, James’s simple but clever ideas about designing in the classroom are a breath of fresh air.” – Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive, Royal Society of Arts

To order People, Pens & Paper, visit our online bookshop

Follow the author, James Wren on twitter @PeoplePensPaper



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