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New release: The Fitlits – The Funny Fair June 19, 2015

Posted by Samantha Wilkins in New releases.
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The Flitlits - The Funny Fair - ENG1

We are delighted to announce the release of a new volume of picture books called The Flitlits: The Funny Fair.

The Funny Fair, written by Eiry Rees Thomas and illustrated by James Field has been designed and written to help young readers aged 8-11+ develop their reading skills in Welsh and English. The volume includes six books; English first language, English second language, Welsh first language, Welsh second language and two American versions.

The Funny Fair is an entertaining educational story that helps to improve literacy skills, and aims to inspire a life-long love of learning, nurture creativity and enhance social and emotional development.

Interaction is key to the core and ethos of the stories, which includes characters that children can identify with within their own lives. The Flitlits interact by telling jokes, squabbling, scheming and plotting, involving friendships and rivalries. The central character, Jester Bit, is a scamp with a heart. His mischief brings about challenges and camaraderie that allow children to learn about compassion, empathy, teamwork and a sense of fair play.

The world of The Flitlits is available to explore on multiple platforms – print books, interactive app books and online at www.theflitlits.com

“Flitlit Fever has taken over life in the classroom. We have analysed the language, studied poetic devices, deconstructed and created new plots and characters, and much more. The project has truly harnessed the enthusiasm of the children.” – Melody Jones, Teacher and Literacy Coordinator – Pilot School

We were fascinated by the level of lyricism, the depth of the characters and dimensions of the story. The usage of words with additional meanings provide further depth to the story. Children and parents will love the characters, whose well developed personalities enable children to develop their own intelligence.” – Educational App Store

To purchase any of the books in the series click here

To download the interactive app books click here

Follow @TheFlitlits @YSbridion and the author @EiryReesThomas on twitter

To see The Flitlits concept being used in the classroom click here

The Flitlits - The Funny Fair-WELSH1



1. ERThomas - June 19, 2015

My gratitude to John Catt Educational for publishing such a quality series of The Funny Fair / Miri Yn Y fFair from The Flitlits’ /y Sbridion series.

2. Bel Roberts - June 20, 2015

This animated, structured educational package should form the basis of language learning in all primary schools. Anyone who has worked with children knows what stimulates their interest, curiosity and imagination. Eiry Rees Thomas and her Flitlits make learning a joy.

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