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Headstrong December 18, 2014

Posted by Alex, Managing Director in Education, New releases.

9781909717268We’re delighted to be publishing in the Spring a new book by Dame Sally Coates.

Headstrong: 11 Lessons of School Leadership draws on Sally’s experience of 40 years of working in challenging schools, and a decade of leading some of the toughest schools in London and shows aspiring leaders how to create vibrant centres of learning in our most broken communities.

Headstrong – named after the proactive, personal and robust leadership which she advocates – will resonate with ambitious leaders beyond education.  It consists of 11 chapters, each exploring one aspect of the challenge of leadership.

Copies can be ordered ahead of the end-of-February publication by visiting our bookshop: http://www.johncattbookshop.com/headstrong-11-lessons-of-school-leadership

Sally is currently named in Britain’s 500 most influential people by Debrett’s and has gained a national profile through speaking at the 2011 Conservative Party Conference and by chairing the government’s recent Teachers’ Standards review. She regularly speaks at educational conferences in the UK and overseas and appears frequently on national news media discussing educational policy. See links below:

·         Debrett’s 500 most influential people entry for Dame Sally Coates click HERE
·         The Times reports her new role with United Learning click HERE
·         Daily Telegraph on Sally’s reform of Teachers’ Standards:  click HERE
·         Daily Mail reports Sally’s impact on one student: click HERE
·         YouTube clip of her speech at Conservative Party Conference: click HERE

Comments on Sally Coates:

·         Michael Gove:  “A great headteacher” (Conservative Party Conference 2011)
·         Toby Young in the Telegraph, October 2011:  “Burlington Danes in Shepherd’s Bush is a fantastic comprehensive, one that’s been completely transformed by the leadership of its excellent headmistress Sally Coates.”
·         David Cameron, 9.11.11:  “Just take this one fact. Take two schools – Burlington Danes Academy and Walworth Academy…they are both in relatively deprived parts of Inner London with high proportions of students on free school meals. But you know what? Last year, 70 per cent of Walworth students and 75 per cent of Burlington Danes students got 5 or more good GCSEs including English and Maths. Compare that with Surrey and Oxfordshire – the counties that Michael and I represent. Only 16 state secondary schools in these two relatively affluent counties did better than those two inner city schools. Put another way, more than 4 out of 5 state schools in Surrey and Oxfordshire are doing worse than 2 state schools in relatively deprived parts of inner London. That must be a wake-up call. Why is there this difference?”
·         Michael Gove, 3rd May 2010 on the BBC “…high standards, rigorous traditional teaching.  Where do you get them at the moment? …go to Burlington Danes…[it] has the freedom to give parents what they want…”

Sally is passionate about sharing my experience of transforming challenging schools and we are hugely confident that Headstrong will appeal to educators and aspiring leaders in the UK and beyond.



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