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The Schoolmaster, listed by The Guardian as a top recommended educational book December 17, 2014

Posted by Samantha Wilkins in John Catt Educational news, Peridot Press.

In December 2011, our imprint Peridot Press re-published The Schoolmaster, Arthur Christopher Benson’s classic account of school life at the turn of the 20th century.

The author was born at Wellington College, educated at Eton and Cambridge and spent his life and career at both. He also had a successful career outside of education; he was the editor of Queen Victoria’s letters, a lyricist and a prolific diary writer.

The Schoolmaster

We are proud to announce today that The Schoolmaster has been commended by The Guardian in a feature that reviews the most influential, engaging educational books. As highlighted in the Guardian’s review, The Schoolmaster was originally published over 100 years ago in 1902, yet Benson’s strikingly honest words about education continue to remain prominent and relevant today.

The Schoolmaster, by Arthur Christopher Benson
Recommended by Robert Peal, teacher at West London Free School
Benson was a writer and critic, who taught English and classics at Eton. I came across this book during my first year of teaching, and it was a reminder that, in an age of gimmicks and fads, there is much that is timeless about good teaching. You might think that a book by a public school beak written over 100 years ago would offer little guidance to a teacher today, but you’d be wrong. From the need for classroom discipline to the dubious nature of training teachers, which he compares to training people in the art of good conversation, so much of what Benson writes rings true today. He describes the ideal lesson as involving blackboard, rapid questioning, some simple jesting, anecdote, disquisitions and allusion if possible to current events.

The Guardian, ‘An education book that changed me: favourite reads revealed’

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