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New issue of Prep School magazine is out now September 26, 2013

Posted by Jonathan Barnes, editor in Independent Education, Magazines.
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The new issue of Prep School magazine is out now for the new term.

Copies will soon be arriving with schools and subscribers and you can read the e-zine at the magazine’s new website at www.prepschoolmag.co.uk.

The autumn issue has a theme of ‘Embracing the challenges’ and looks at enrichment, sustainability, school trips and ‘gifted and talented’.

Here’s editor Michele Kitto’s introduction to the new issue:

“The summer holidays often give us a chance to take stock, switch off and catch up with all the things that get pushed out during a busy term. As school starts again, our greatest challenge can be to retain that work–life balance. Shall we see if we can all continue with just one of the activities we discovered – or rediscovered – over the summer?

“Some of you will be the new girl or boy in the staffroom this term. Or maybe you are mentoring an NQT, welcoming an experienced teacher to your team, or adjusting to life with a new Head teacher? Change goes hand-in-hand with the start of the new academic year and, even if none of the above applies, you cannot help seeing your curriculum with refreshed eyes after the summer break. In which case, I hope the articles on citizenship and sustainability might inspire you to try to weave these very relevant subjects into your teaching.

“How many of us speak from the same ‘script’, year after year? Somehow, those tried and tested lesson plans resurface over and over again, unchanged. They are familiar and reassuring; tried and tested. They are not broken; they do not need fixing. Well, maybe. On the other hand, when we teach something new, or in a different way, we often find we perform right at the top of our game. Energy and enthusiasm are our greatest teaching aids and most of us will have seen the effect that a new approach can bring to the classroom. Admittedly, it takes time and inspiration to make changes to our teaching but the results are very worthwhile. Regretfully, Prep School is unable to create more hours in the day but we really do try to help with the inspiration side of things.

“With the diversity and depth of education that our sector offers, it is very easy to forget that our job is to enrich the educational experience of all our pupils, not just the ‘gifted and talented’. In this issue, you will find a SEN feature and Q&A column, as well as articles on enrichment and GT so you can do just this. While parents and pupils struggle to accept that not everyone can be in the top 10 per cent, we need to remember that education is about finding out what each child does best, stretching them in the areas they find easy, and supporting with the things they find hard. Moving mountains and transfiguration are not yet on the curriculum but preparing children for their future lives is the absolute basis of our work.

“Don’t forget to celebrate the wonderful work you are doing in your school by keeping in touch, as so many of you do.”

If you would like to contribute to Prep School, you can contact Michele at editor@prepschoolmag.co.uk.

For subscriptions, please visit our bookshop.

For any advertising enquiries, please contact Madeleine Anderson atmanderson@johncatt.com or on 01394 389855.



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