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The Schoolmaster reprinted by Peridot Press October 18, 2012

Posted by Jonathan Barnes, editor in Peridot Press.
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We are pleased to announce that The Schoolmaster, Arthur Christopher Benson’s classic account of school life at the turn of the 20th century, has been reprinted for a paperback edition.

Our imprint Peridot Press republished the book last year in hardback format and we have been been delighted at the response.

The Schoolmaster was originally published when the world was a very different place – and yet Benson’s strikingly honest words about his chosen profession are, in the main, still relevant today.

Benson was born at Wellington College, educated at Eton and Cambridge and spent his life and career at both. He also had a successful career outside of education; he was the editor of Queen Victoria’s letters, a lyricist and a prolific diary writer.

The foreword is written by Tony Little, Head Master of Eton College. He writes: “Benson was a man of many parts, but above all he was a consumate schoolmaster, dedicated, stimulating, idealistic yet wise to the ways of the world, and more importantly to the wiles and needs of teenage schoolboys. His book The Schoolmaster is personal and idiosyncratic and remains one of the best accounts of schoolmastering that has been written. I am delighted to see this work back in print, which for A C Benson is the most fitting memorial.”

The Schoolmaster is available via the John Catt Bookshop.



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