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New issue and new editor of Academy Magazine September 25, 2012

Posted by Jonathan Barnes, editor in Magazines.
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The new issue of Academy Magazine is out now – with a new editor at the helm.

Peter Beaven has taken on the editorship of this increasingly popular title, which is produced in partnership with FASNA (Freedom and Autonomy for Schools – National Association).

Peter retired as headteacher of Norton Hill and Somervale Schools in Midsomer Norton, Somerset, in August 2012.

“As the new editor of Academy Magazine I am working outside my comfort zone which is always exhilarating!” he said.

“I believe Academy Magazine must rise to the challenge of bringing the most up-to-date and relevant news on cutting edge issues in education to our readers.

“I hope to be able to attract items from those who are responsible for shaping education at a national level as well as highlighting innovative and successful practice from schools themselves. My first issue demonstrates just that balance.

“So if you have experience of good practice, innovative and exciting developments please get in touch and we may be able to showcase what you are doing. I am especially keen to hear more from primary schools.”

The 76-page new issue reports on FASNA’s 20th anniversary conference, which featured a speech by Education Secretary Michael Gove, and covers a range of topics in the areas of freedom, regulation and funding; leadership, teaching and classroom; conversion and free schools; and procurement and business servies.

You will also fund the latest news, advice, comment and opinion from educators working in the academy and free school sector.

You can read the e-zine online now (free of charge) at www.academymag.co.uk.

To get in touch with Peter about anything to do with Academy Magazine, contact editor@academymag.co.uk.

This magazine is published three times a year. If you’re interested in advertising you can contact Madeleine Anderson at manderson@johncatt.com.

For subscriptions to Academy Magazine, visit our bookshop.

Prep School celebrates 75 issues – magazine available in print and online September 20, 2012

Posted by Jonathan Barnes, editor in Independent Education, Magazines.
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It’s time to celebrate a landmark for Prep School magazine as we clock up 75 issues.

The magazine, produced in partnership with Satips, was launched nearly 25 years ago to celebrate the achievements, debate the issues and reflect upon the best of the prep and junior school world.

Issue no. 75 is now arriving in common rooms and with subscribers and is also available to read online by clicking here.

In her introduction to the autumn issue, editor Michèle Kitto writes: ‘This issue focuses on curriculum review and will help your school reflect on the features you want at the heart of your educational offering. What will your school look like at the end of the next 25 years? It is a reasonable assumption that strong teaching and learning will continue to be at the core of any successful school. Think carefully. If you get these wrong you could find yourself working your way out of a rather risky educational experiment. I always argue that the early years are the most important part of any child’s educational journey. We sow the seeds for the future and, if we fail, we are risking our pupils’ future life outcomes.

‘Entrance (or exit) exams often place the most significant restriction to our curricula. In this issue we look at a variety of exciting alternative models and we hope the experiences of other schools will help you reflect on your own practices and guide you towards ‘picking and mixing’ a truly flexible bespoke curriculum that fully covers the Common Entrance examination curriculum, whilst leaving time to ‘go off-piste’ in the interests of enrichment.

‘In this issue we also hear from schools that have moved away from CE to create their own baccalaureate. Or what about the independent curriculum, which promises to foster independent thinking, creativity and self-motivation within a curriculum that is compatible with CE?  Or perhaps the Independent Primary Curriculum, another alternative curriculum model that is the gold standard in the international world of education.  And if you really don’t like the Common Entrance exam, why not help reshape it? The examiners always canvas opinions, so if you think you could do better why not get involved?’

The issue also features a look at the past, present and future of Prep School by Jonathan Evans, managing director of John Catt Educational.

He describes the magazine as providing ‘good, clear writing… not camouflaged with over-elaborate design or smothered with advertorials’.

‘It is a magazine written, read and produced by people who understand primary education and hold it in the highest esteem,’ he concludes.

Prep School is published three times a year. Potential contributors can contact Michèle at editor@prepschoolmag.co.uk while advertisers can get in touch with Madeleine Anderson at manderson@johncatt.com.

To subscribe to Prep School magazine, please visit our bookshop.

Autumn issue of Conference & Common Room magazine – read it online now September 18, 2012

Posted by Jonathan Barnes, editor in Independent Education, Magazines.
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The autumn issue of Conference & Common Room (C&CR) magazine is now available – both in print and digital format.

The magazine is published in partnership with the Headmasters’ & Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC) and copies are now arriving at HMC schools and with subscribers.

You can read it online by clicking here.

Articles in this issue include:

– Crispin Muir on how Culford School is reaping the rewards of switching to biomass energy.

– Jean Watson, of The King’s School, Canterbury, describes the movement towards education for positive values in Bhutan.

– The Rev’d Giles Dove on school management.

– Ian Walker reflects on 26 years at King’s Rochester.

– Alexander Mitchell, of Holmwood House School, Colchester, on the Common Entrance.

There is also much more to enjoy within the 56 pages, including latest HMC news, interviews, book reviews, comment and letters to the editor.

C&CR is published three times a year, at the start of each school term. If you are interested in contributing to the magazine, you can contact Editor Tom Wheare at tom@dunbry.plus.com. Potential advertisers can contact Madeleine Anderson at manderson@johncatt.com.

To subscribe to the magazine, visit our bookshop by clicking here.

An in-depth analysis of how privately-educated athletes contributed to Team GB at London 2012 September 12, 2012

Posted by Jonathan Barnes, editor in Independent Education.
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It’s been the cause of much debate and consternation and, in some cases, myths and misinformation during Britain’s golden summer.

Now, Malcolm Tozer, editor of Physical Education and Sport in Independent Schools, has examined the facts and figures to present a comprehensive picture of how athletes who went to independent schools influenced the London Olympic games.

The essay, which is available on the website www.peandsports.co.uk, is a fitting postscript to a 300-page book that was released this summer, examining the past, present and future of sporting provision and physical education teaching in the UK’s independent schools.

It features contributions from leading names in both education and sport, including Olympic champion Jonathan Edwards, Paralympic legend Baroness Grey-Thompson and Rugby World Cup-winning coach and current director of elite performance at the British Olympic Association, Sir Clive Woodward.

Mr Tozer’s new essay, Contributing to Team GB at London 2012, identifies 93 athletes who were part of Team GB at London 2012 who were educated at independent schools, notes their achievements and looks at their influence in the team’s overall performance.

Ahead of the Olympics, Mr Tozer was asked to forecast how many privately-educated athletes would win medals at the Games, bearing in mind that the figure was 15 at the 2004 Athens games and 26 for the 2008 Beijing games.

He went for ‘more than 30’ and, like most sports fans this summer, he was in for a pleasant surprise…

The website also has a full table of independent school alumni who have represented their country at international level at any sport between 2000-12, fully updated after the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

To order a copy of Physical Education and Sport in Independent Schools, follow this link to visit our bookshop.

New release – Which School? 2013 September 10, 2012

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The 2013 edition of Which School? – the authoritative guide to British independent schools – is now available.

It is the 88th edition of this highly-respected guide, which was first published in 1924.

Which School? features details on more than 2,000 independent schools and brings together a wealth of information about boarding and day senior schools, prep and junior schools and selected international schools.

The aim of this long-standing publication is to guide parents and children through the process of choosing the right school.

This year, consultant editor Tom Wheare has assembled an excellent selection of editorials, with contributions from Richard Cairns, Head Master of Brighton College, and Dr Ian Walker, who reflects on 26 years as Head Master of King’s Rochester.

Other contributors include:

● Dr Christopher See, offering a tutor’s perspective on how to get into Oxbridge.

● Maureen Bosch, from the Girls’ Day School Trust, on how to add 50,000 scientists and mathematicians to the UK workforce.

● Alex Claydon, from Crackergroup, explaining how the internet can be used to boost engineering and science careers.

● Julie Booth, of Capita SIMS, with some ideas for schools for cutting costs and keeping down fees.

We are also very pleased to feature an article from SFIA offering independent advice for parents on managing school fees, as well as informative pieces outlining the services, aims and purposes of each of the leading independent school associations.

To order a copy of Which School? click here to visit our bookshop.

You will also find information on schools featured in the guide at www.schoolsearch.co.uk.

The IB World Schools Yearbook 2013 September 4, 2012

Posted by Alex, Managing Director in International education.
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Our team have just started work on the next edition of our successful and ever-popular IB World Schools Yearbook. The 2013 edition, due for publication in January 2013, will be the eighth edition of this official guide to the International Baccalaureate.

The 2013 edition will feature editorial content from the IB themselves, explaining in detail about their programmes, their regions and organisational structure, and the key figures who have kept the IB at the forefront of international education.

There is also space in the Yearbook for IB schools to have the chance to explain more about themselves: their curriculum, their facilities and to celebrate all the things that make them unique and a great place to learn. If you would like more information about your school appearing in the Yearbook, please contact us.

IB schools might also be interested in our professional development series on the three IB programmes. In Taking the PYP Forward, Taking the MYP Forward and Taking the DP Forward, the programmes are explored by expert educators in an effort to make sure that each remains relevant and fresh for schools in the 21st century.