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The John Catt Guide to International Schools March 30, 2012

Posted by Alex, Managing Director in International education.

International education is booming: that’s the news from ISC Research, and from our own experience in putting together the next edition of The John Catt Guide to International Schools.

The latest figures published by ISC Research, an organisation that researches and analyses data on international schools worldwide, show that the number of children attending the world’s international schools has passed three million. This is expected to reach six million in another ten years and the number of international schools could increase from 6000 today to 10,000.

This is phenomenal growth over the past decade. In 2002 there were one million international school students. It is this increasing demand for places which is driving the rapid expansion of international schools worldwide; a trend that is predicted to continue for the foreseeable future.

ISC Research classify international schools as those fee-paying schools that deliver the curriculum wholly or partly in English (outside an English-speaking country). Many of these schools follow, to a large extent, the English National Curriculum. Others deliver such highly respected international curricula as the International Baccalaureate and the International Primary Curriculum.

We have a slightly different definition of an ‘international school’ and therefore the number of schools that make it into our guidebook is lower than the ISC Research number. For the purposes of our guide, ‘international schools’ are fee-paying and belonging to an international association or body, or accept international students, or offer a curriculum not of the host country.

Either way, there is no denying that international education is going through a period of huge growth, prompted by a surge in demand from an increasingly mobile global population. As Ian Hill, Deputy Director General of the International Baccalaureate, states in his foreword to the forthcoming 2012/13 edition of The John Catt Guide to International Schools:

“International schools provide an essential service to the increasing number of families moving around the world. There exist very established networks of dedicated heads and teachers who gather regularly at conferences; many of them, like the students, move on a recruitment circuit from one country to the next. The international experience in these schools can be a life-changing experience.”

The John Catt Guide to International Schools 2012/13 will be published in July 2012 and is the tenth edition of our respected, popular and practical guide. For more information on how your school can feature within the guide, please contact us. The 2011/12 edition is for sale via the John Catt Bookshop.



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