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More and more UK students investigate overseas study October 7, 2011

Posted by Alex, Managing Director in Conferences, International education.

The highest ever number of UK students are thought to be considering overseas study in a bid to escape the introduction of £9,000 annual tuition fees.

Last year, almost 9,000 British undergraduates and postgraduates studied in the US, but that number is expected to soar in 2012.

We recently attended an exhibition at King’s College School, Wimbledon, where over 100 delegates from UK independent schools listened to advisors offering guidance on helping their students apply for North American higher education courses.

The photo here shows our account manager Madeleine Anderson talking to Elizabeth Thomson, University Liaison at Fettes College.

As Andrew Halls, Head Master of KCS, Wimbledon, wrote in the autumn 2011 edition of Conference & Common Room:

“The very best UK universities are certainly the equal of the greatest American seats of learning and thus the best in the world. In all league tables, Cambridge and Oxford are at the very top along with Harvard and Yale. But anyone who has visited US universities, or researched them, or talked to their devoted and enthusiastic alumni, will know that what is remarkable about the USA is just how many astonishingly good universities there are.

“They are richly endowed, they have facilities that most of our universities can only dream of, and they pay their academics well. Not surprisingly they therefore have many outstanding teachers. Their libraries are cherished and well-funded and their sports, music and drama facilities are a painful reminder to us in the UK that in America, at least, the ‘whole man’ is catered for – and celebrated.

“Most important of all, of course, US universities are free to pursue the courses and the admissions policies that they believe in. The agonised discourse between our last two governments and our great universities – ranging from wheedling cajolement through subtle threat to the occasional declamatory outburst – is, in America, simply unimaginable.

“Few UK schools will go to the lengths that American schools do to appoint full time representatives to guide students and families through this complicated minefield, which differs significantly from our own more familiar UCAS system. However, the best British schools are well aware that their parents, particularly those who are American citizens, expect them to have staff who are fully conversant with the US application system.”

As an increasing number of students from the UK look to overseas for their higher education courses, there will be a growing sense of competition between those universities looking to show off their facilities and range of degrees.

Publications such as Conference & Common Room, International School (is) magazine and Academy magazine are common-sense places for overseas universities to showcase themselves to educators in leading schools in the UK and beyond.

Contact us if you would like more information about these leading magazines.



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