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Latest issue of International School magazine published August 31, 2011

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Issue 14.1 of International School (is) magazine is back from the printers and will shortly be arriving at international schools around the world.

Editor Caroline Ellwood turns her focus on creativity in the classroom, as she notes in her comment piece at the start of the issue.

“The power of creativity in learning has become increasingly recognised in education. Its impact has been explored by teachers in many different schools across the world. It is considered good teaching practice, especially in schools that invest in training and where faculty have strong admistrative support and encouragement. Being creative means taking risks and that needs to be shared out, so administrators, teachers, students and, to some extent, parents need to be convinced. No, not just convinced: they need to be enthusiastic.”

Contributors to the magazine include curriculum heads at the International Baccalaureate; teachers at The American School of Budapest, The International School of Azerbaijan; the International School, Dhaka; Pre Vert International School, Cairo; and the Yokohama International School in Japan.

International School (is) magazine, the official magazine for the European Council of International Schools, reflects the full diversity and professionalism of international educators. Published three times a year it goes to heads, teachers and administrators in schools around the world. £15 pays for a one-year subscription.

Don’t forget, for a limited time you can receive a free digital version of the magazine. More information here.

Conference & Common Room, Autumn 2011 edition now published August 24, 2011

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The Autumn 2011 edition of Conference & Common Room is back from the printers and will shortly be zipping out to Heads at the UK’s leading independent schools.

Editor Tom Wheare turns his focus to the issue of sustainability; ‘green’ buildings, energy-saving initiatives, carbon footprints, recycling and re-education. Another theme is social networking in schools: Simon Lockyer, second master at The Portsmouth Grammar School, proposes some ways of disentangling the Net thanks to the result of a survey carried out amongst parents and pupils.

As Tom notes in his editorial:

“It is a great advantage to have grown up before Facebook was invented, since the temptation to join in is fairly easily resisted. But, like Pinicchio’s Pleasure Island, the prospect of unlimited virtual society is beguiling and, in terms of the welfare of children, there is just as clear a need to warn of the dangers of the internet as there is to question the watering down of vetting and barring procedures.”

Conference & Common Room is the official magazine of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference. It is published three times a year, in September, January and April. Subscriptions are available via the John Catt Bookshop.

“O my Hornby…” Review of The Following Game in The Cricketer magazine August 22, 2011

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We received a copy of the September issue of The Cricketer magazine over the weekend, complete with another fantastic review of Jonathan Smith’s The Following Game.

Richard Whitehead, former deputy books editor of The Times, reviewed the book and found comparisons with Nick Hornby’s reflective style. Below is an extract:

The Following Game – the title is a nod in the direction of Jonathan Smith’s acclaimed book about teaching, The Learning Game – is not a blow-by-blow account of (his son) Ed’s career through the prism of his father’s doting gaze. Rightly, and rewardingly for the reader, he goes much deeper than that. As well as bat and ball there are literature, drama, travel and more poetry than will be found in any cricket book this year.”

Thank you for the review, Richard, and we’re glad you have joined the growing band of people who have discovered and enjoyed this fantastic little book.

Downton Abbey actor Dan Stevens talks about The Following Game on Test Match Special August 16, 2011

Posted by Alex, Managing Director in Peridot Press.
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Actor Dan Stevens, perhaps best known for his role as Matthew Crawley in the ITV1 period drama Downton Abbey, was on Test Match Special’s View from the Boundary segment on Saturday.

Dan was a pupil of Jonathan Smith’s at Tonbridge School and took the chance to speak about how much he enjoyed Jonathan’s The Following Game, published by Peridot Press in June.

A podcast of the show is available here. Thanks for the promotion, Dan!

Internationalizing Schools, by Steven Carber, published today! August 16, 2011

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We are delighted to announce that the latest book by renowned international educational consultant Dr Steven Carber hits the shelves today.

Internationalizing Schools is a collaborative work, edited by Dr Carber, which helps educators in both international schools and national education systems identify and improve the international aspects in their classrooms and schools.

The 12 highly-experienced contributors include: Kevin Bartlett, who initiated the IB Primary Years Programme and chaired the Council of International Schools; Dr Joel A Freeman, acclaimed keynote speaker at international education conferences around the world; and Dr John J Ketterer, editor of InterEd, the flagship publication of the Association for Advancement of International Education.

As Joel A Freeman says in his foreword:

“This book is fatal to stupidity, fuzzy logic, and lazy thinking. It is my belief that once you have read this book, you will be rewarded with:

• A rich repository of excellent ideas for internationalizing your classrooms or schools.

• Increased clarity on what is meant by ‘international education’.

• A sense of solidarity that others share your interest in internationalizing education. Several chapter contributors standing ready to help, along with thousands of teachers around the world.

• A range of ideas from a variety of voices from settings spanning from India to China to Senegal, to name a few.

• Ideas on how to spread the best practices of overseas ‘international schools’ to national settings.

I hope you leave the book with at least three or four brand new, out-of-the-box ideas to be implemented in your setting – ideas that are genuinely international – so that the international school is not just ‘international’ in name only.”

Dr Carber goes on to state his belief that the book has as much to offer educators in national education systems as those in international schools. He notes in the preface:

“It is my wish that the best practices of these international schools will help and inspire public education systems and all schools that wish to internationalize their offerings. To draw from Kevin Bartlett’s words in the concluding chapter, it is a shared wish that national schools, including those in developing countries, do not merely exist to be the grateful beneficiaries of our laudable service learning programmes, but that they become beneficiaries of what we know about learning. We have created exemplary schools and practices; now the challenge is to refine and replicate the model.”

Internationalizing Schools, edited by Steven Carber, is available to buy from the John Catt Bookshop. Digital editions will shortly also be made available. Contact us for more information.

Peridot Press to republish AC Benson’s The Schoolmaster August 12, 2011

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I am delighted to reveal that Peridot Press, a publishing imprint of John Catt Educational, is to publish a reprint of Arthur Christopher Benson’s classic account of public school life at the start of the 20th Century, The Schoolmaster: A Commentary Upon the Aims and Methods of an Assistant-Master in a Public School.

The Schoolmaster, written in 1902 when AC Benson was a housemaster at Eton, teaching classics, is a book of plainly-spoken advice and stands in stark contrast to many of the jargon-ridden teaching manuals of the 21st century.

It was this simple approach to helping teachers best go about their jobs that inspired Jonathan Smith to write his own widely-acclaimed account of a life teaching in independent schools, The Learning Game. Jonathan, who writes the foreword to our reprint, first encountered The Schoolmaster while browsing a second-hand bookshop in 1997. He explains how reading the book came at a timely moment in his career as a teacher and as a writer.

“After reading Benson’s The Schoolmaster, though, I began to feel some strength returning, and then my resolve hardening. What was wrong with writing about our profession in simple English? That’s what Benson did. That’s what we should all do. Indeed, what was better than trying to write about a difficult thing like teaching in simple English? If Benson, in his study in 1902, could make me enjoy reading about and thinking about our job perhaps I could, a century later, make some of my generation feel the same. Perhaps I could write about a schoolteacher’s life in the way that rang bells and put a spring in the step? Perhaps I could even make the readers smile, nod, wince, laugh and feel a little bit better about themselves. Best of all, perhaps I could make some want to join our profession.

“So, I would never have written The Learning Game, nor, come to that, The Following Game, without the inspiring example of A.C.Benson. It would be melodramatic to say that coming across this book saved me, but it certainly cheered me up and helped me to turn a corner. Some might well call The Schoolmaster old-fashioned but I don’t mind that. A lot of things called old-fashioned are in effect simply out of fashion.”

The Schoolmaster will be published by pridot Press in the autumn of this year. It follows in the footsteps of the recently published The Following Game, by Jonathan Smith.  Contact the John Catt Bookshop for more information.

Jonathan Smith, author of The Following Game, interviewed in All Out Cricket August 4, 2011

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Jonathan Smith features with a great double-page spread in this month’s issue of All Out Cricket, talking about The Following Game and the pressures of being the father of a professional cricketer.

Here’s a snippet of Sam Stow’s chat with the ever-geniable Jonathan…

AOC: Any advice for a parent with a son or daughter in professional sport?
JS: I’m not sure I’m the right person to ask, but just enjoy the day, have a big gin and tonic and accept that it’s perfectly natural to have your heart in your mouth…

All Out Cricket (AOC) is the official magazine of the Professional Cricketers’ Association (PCA) and the magazine that the players read. A 100-page monthly publication that celebrates the game, with unparalleled access to the inner sanctums of English cricket.

The magazine is available in the shops from August 4th, with more from the interview with Jonathan available online here.

Buy a copy of The Following Game via our bookshop here.

We’re hiring! Ace marketing assistant wanted… August 1, 2011

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We are in a time of growth here at John Catt and have recognised that we need to strengthen our marketing department to ensure all our publications are getting the level of promotion they deserve.

So we have created a marketing assistant position and are inviting applications from motivated, creative and confident individuals ready to join us at our offices in Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK.

Experience in publishing and booksales is preferred; to work alongside Managing Editor Alex, to help prepare publications for market. Duties will include copywriting, preparing marketing strategies and materials and be responsible for advertising.

Please send letter of application and CV to office@johncatt.com