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The John Catt Guide to International Schools 2011/12 NOW PUBLISHED! July 6, 2011

Posted by Alex, Managing Director in International education, New releases.

The ninth edition of The John Catt Guide to International Schools is back from the printers and goes on general sale today.

This authoritative guide to international education contains details of over 2000 international schools worldwide, in addition to a comprehensive directory of organisations, associations and information relevant to the sector.

Forty-four schools from countries around the world took the opportunity to celebrate their facilities and achievements with a full profile in the front of the book, highlighting all the elements that make international education so diverse and vibrant.

Renowned international educator Dr Steven Carber has provided an introduction to the guidebook, in which he looks at some of the challenges and trends in the sector. Here’s a quick excerpt:

If you are reading this book on account of enrolling your child in an international school, chances are that they will be encountering excellent teachers. At the risk of generalizing, those educators who seek out international schools, those who are willing to live and work in fascinating and challenging countries, are often among the finest teachers in the world. If they were average educators, they might have stayed home. Yet someday they may go back to their home countries, join with excellent local teachers, and contribute to school improvement and international education in national settings. Dare I say that the individual who holds this book, whether parent or educator or both, is crucial to school improvement, and critical to helping youth during these globally challenging times. This is not just a guidebook. It is a tool for bringing our community together.

Dr Steven Carber teaches full time for Endicott College’s MEd in International Education programs in Madrid, Leysin, Prague and Montevideo. He is also the editor of the upcoming Internationalizing Schools, published by John Catt Educational.

The John Catt Guide to International Schools is available via the John Catt Bookshop and other internet retailers.



1. internationalschoolcommunity - September 22, 2011

Great website!
Thanks for keeping everyone informed about the international school community.
We’ve highlighted you on International School Community’s blog – http://bit.ly/njRaBI

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