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The Indian Express reviews The Following Game July 4, 2011

Posted by Alex, Managing Director in New releases.

News of the quality of Jonathan Smith’s The Following Game is spreading far and wide: the book was wonderfully reviewed this weekend by Aditya Iyer in one of India’s most popular newspapers, The Indian Express.

Here’s a couple of quotes from a beautifully written piece:

“Smith’s book is rather a celebration of the spirit of competition, one that enthralls its readers with an intense and intoxicating dose of his life’s two great passions — sport and literature.

“To put it more simply, it is about being a fan, a follower, a hero-worshipper. If you’ve ever surrendered to the magic of just following a game or a team or a player and wondered why it begins to rule your life, then with his divine craft of philosophising the everyday, the author justifies that love, putting mania into perspective with a wonderful personal journey as a man obsessed with cricket, rugby, authors and poets…

“It is almost impossible to classify the book within any popular genre, for it carves a literary niche of its own. While the premise is about following and writing about his son’s long and successful domestic career (he also played three Test matches for England in the summer of 2003) with Kent and Middlesex in retrospect, Smith sifts through topics and timelines with enormous ease.”

The full review can be found online here. The Following Game, published by Peridot Press, an imprint of John Catt Educational, can be purchased from all major bookstores including the John Catt Bookshop.



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