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Fantastic review of The Following Game in The Observer June 20, 2011

Posted by Alex, Managing Director in New releases, Peridot Press.

It is wonderful to see The Following Game, by Jonathan Smith, getting the recognition it deserves since its publication by our imprint Peridot Press last week.

Robert McCrum wrote a lovely piece in leading UK Sunday broadsheet newspaper The Observer yesterday (June 19), entited The best teachers will always bowl you over. Below is an extract:

There’s a cruel jibe that teaching is for those who can’t, but Jonathan Smith is hardly an also-ran. He has had a distinguished career as a writer as well as a teacher, notably with Wilfred and Eileen, a novel set in the Great War, and The Learning Game, an acclaimed memoir about teaching.

In 2006, Smith was diagnosed with cancer, put the novel on which he was working aside, and embarked on a trip to India with his son in quest of a deeper paternal understanding as well as the realisation of a dream: to see cricket played on the subcontinent.

The Following Game, just published by Peridot Press, is the outcome of Smith’s journey; a touching, episodic memoir about the way in which cricket and literature can take over your life and how, through poetry and cover drives, Smith found a way to accommodate the complexity of his paternal pride in his son’s sporting prowess. This beautifully produced little book says more about family, books and the game of cricket than many flashier volumes by well-known names. It is modest, candid, personal and brief, but full of surprises.

An excellent review for an excellent little book, one that we can’t recommend highly enough. We anticipate lots more media attention over the next few weeks as more and more people become aware of what a beautifully written book this is.



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