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Taking the MYP Forward March 7, 2011

Posted by Alex, Managing Director in International education, New releases.

Always a satisfying moment: we have just completed work on an exciting new book, Taking the MYP Forward, and fired it off to the printers.

The book, which follows on from 2009’s best-selling Taking the PYP Forward, has been edited by Dr Mary Hayden and Professor Jeff Thompson and is a collaborative work in which expert writers share reflections on their experience, and explore issues for the future, of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme.

The issues raised are of interest and relevance to those with responsibility for MYP teaching, learning and administration in schools and will provoke interest in the programme amongst those considering its adoption.

Mary and Jeff research, teach, publish and supervise Masters and Doctoral research with a focus particularly on international schools and international education through the Centre for the study of Education in an International Context (CEIC) at the University of Bath, UK.

Here’s what they had to say about the book:

“In editing a collection of perspectives concerning various aspects of the MYP, we have drawn heavily upon the experience of teachers, coordinators, administrators, researchers and curriculum developers who are not only familiar with the current MYP but who, reflecting upon their work in school and programme improvement in the middle years, are also prepared to share their experience and their thinking more widely as a contribution to future developments.

“This title builds upon previous research and publications of the editors concerning international education and international programmes including the International Baccalaureate.

“Material is organised in four parts. The first (Part A) sets out the context of the MYP and considers the ways in which student needs may be met through the pedagogy of middle years schooling. Part B comprises a series of chapters grounded in MYP practice, with a focus on the ways in which practitioners have interpreted the essential elements of the programme in responding to current and future learning needs of MYP students. Part C considers a number of factors relating to the implementation of the MYP, and in Part D two experienced Heads speculate about the likely nature of middle years schooling in the future.”



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