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Round Square International Schools February 24, 2011

Posted by Alex, Managing Director in International education, New releases.

We have just begun the process of putting together the 2011/12 edition of The John Catt Guide to International Schools. It will be the 9th edition of the book, which is a comprehensive overview of international education around the world.

It contains directory information of over 2000 international schools; profiles of some of the leading schools; editorial by leading figures; curriculum, examination and accreditation information; and info on the biggest membership associations. The 2011/12 edition will also, for the first time, also be available as an eBook, meaning distribution will be comprehensive.

In last year’s edition we carried a feature written by Round Square executive director Brian Dawson, about the work the organisation do around the world: an extract is reproduced below…

Educators internationally understand the need to prepare young men and women for an ever changing world. They recognise that academic pursuit, whilst vital, is no longer sufficient to prepare the youth of today to be the adults of tomorrow. This is not a new notion and there have been volumes written on this subject. Indeed it is from such a challenge that the Round Square Schools Organisation has its origins. The search for a common understanding and approach to this situation is no without difficulty. If one were to compare schools on a global scale, one would discover as many differences as similarities and uniting such diverse communities into a common purpose would be challenging indeed. However, Round Square as an organisation actively addresses this issue through a philosophy of international understanding, democracy, environmental stewardship, adventure, leadership and service.

Round Square has its foundation in the theories of the experiential educational philosopher Kurt Hahn who believed that schools should have a greater purpose beyond preparing young people for college and university. Hahn believed that it was crucial for students to prepare for life by having them face it head on and experience it in ways that would demand courage, generosity, imagination, principle and resolution. As a result, he felt that young people would become empowered and develop the skills and abilities to be the leaders and guardians of tomorrow’s world. He believed that, given the appropriate set of circumstances and the correct attitude, young men and women could discover their own inner strength and an understanding of the physical and social world around them.

Currently there are more than 70 global member schools, and 20 regional member schools worldwide who actively subscribe to Hahn’s philosophy, believing that the pillars of his insight are the ideals on which our future is built.

These broad fundamentals cover a wide spectrum of social, political and economic environments and are:
• an international understanding and tolerance of others,
• democratic governance and justice,
• environmental stewardship,
• self discovery through adventure,
• leadership and
• service to others.

The implementation of the Round Square ideals occurs through a number of planned activities that occurs on many different levels. Such activities occur within member schools, between member schools and across domestic and international aboundaries. They include local and international student exchanges; Round Square International Service Projects that change the lives of underprivileged communities or assist threatened environments; regional projects that are smaller scale international projects; and conferences that are presented both nationally and internationally that allow student delegates to meet from many dissimilar localities and share cultural differences.

Round Square is a global association of schools that share a commitment, beyond academic merit, to personal growth and responsibility through service, challenge, adventure and international understanding, which ultimately seeks to empower students to become leaders and guardians of tomorrow’s world. Recently, the organisation has embarked on a programme of measured growth and inclusion, which will afford many more schools and communities access to the opportunities that it initiates.

For more details on Round Square, visit: http://www.roundsquare.org/



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