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Peridot Press: the revival of a gem January 26, 2011

Posted by Alex, Managing Director in John Catt Educational news, New releases.

Managing director Jonathan Evans announces the revival of John Catt Educational imprint Peridot Press.

John Catt is fast approaching £1million in booksales. A significant landmark, and also a surprising one: the past three years has seen the growth in our book sales to be exponential. The reasons for this are not complicated: the book titles and their subjects are right for their time; our authors are unquestionably the leader in their fields, information is accurate and most importantly, there is a world-wide hunger for information on good schools and good practice.

The John Catt brand is well known around the world as a publisher of guides, directories, magazines and books specifically for schools, both independent and international.

However, an increasing number of our other publications are not served well under this branding and are now passing to Peridot Press, our already well established publishing imprint.

We are marking the resurrection of Peridot Press by welcoming a well known and well loved author to our fold, Jonathan Smith. The Following Game, due to be published spring 2011, succeeds The Learning Game, Jonathan’s  critically-acclaimed 2002 book about the personal journey from his first days as a pupil through to the challenges of his professional and private life as a teacher on the other side of the desk.

Jonathan Smith was, for many years, head of English at Tonbridge School. As well as his acclaimed memoir, The Learning Game, he has published six novels and written many plays for radio. He is the father of the writer Ed Smith, who played cricket for Kent, Middlesex and England.

The Following Game is about passion and obsession. It’s about cricket, family and poetry, but most of all it’s about a father following a son’s career in the public eye and the close relationship they share.

As a springboard from this auspicious beginning Peridot Press also has a number of other publications at the starting gate. The Schoolmaster, written by AC Benson in 1908 is one.  This follows on from the equally superb The Lanchester Tradition, GF Brady’s classic 1914 tale of school life, reprinted by John Catt in 2008.

Although from a previous age, these books have much to tell us, particularly the wonderfulness of the English language, written well. This is what Peridot Press will stand for and what the Peridot branding will represent. Green Gems – exploring the unique wonderfulness of school life.

Sales of Peridot Press books will be through usual wholesalers and distributors but also on the John Catt internet bookshop, www.johncattbookshop.com.



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