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Writing for John Catt Educational December 20, 2010

Posted by Alex, Managing Director in Independent Education, International education, New releases.

The early success of one of our new book releases, Briony Taylor’s Empowering Kids to Shape our Future, has delighted us here at John Catt Educational and led us to thinking that we would like to publish more curriculum-based texts in the coming months.

We have some fantastic projects planned and in production for 2011 and we always love to hear from authors with interesting ideas for education-related publications.

Following the interest from around the world in Briony’s book of lesson plans, we will be  particularly interested to hear from teachers and administrators – both in the UK and internationally – who have exciting ideas for resources to help support curriculums across all age-groups.

We do welcome unsolicited proposals and ideas, from both  previously-published and new authors. Although you might find that your idea doesn’t fit within our current plan, it may well prove the inspiration for another idea that we can work on together. The publishing process may be new to you but we can help with every step, from editing services, to cover design, promotional tools and worldwide distribution.

We will always reply to your proposals, so do drop us an email: alexsharratt@johncatt.com



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