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“If you’re not doing it, your rivals are…” November 12, 2010

Posted by Alex, Managing Director in Conferences, Independent Education.

I am back in the office following Wednesday’s ISC Marketing Conference in London, where over 160 delegates listened to presentations on how independent schools can take advantage of the growing number of platforms available to promote their schools.

A number of the presentations  explored the idea of schools learning to embrace emerging platforms such as Twitter, blogs and apps. Mark Steed, Principal at Berkhamsted School, gave an excellent presentation on how schools can integrate their strategies to form one strong promotional push: “Even if you’re not doing it, your rivals are…”

Meanwhile Kevin Fear, Head at Nottingham High School, spoke about the importance of “embedding marketing into everything you do as a school”. As a contributor, he also gave a little plug to our PR, Marketing and Development book, which prompted lots of interest on the John Catt Educational stand. Thanks Kevin!

Independent schools have not always been alive to the need to promote and publicise themselves, but it does seem that most have now woken up to the fact that they need to work harder than ever to stay competitive – and that most schools were represented at the conference by marketing professionals certainly highlights that fact.

You can view the presentations from the conference via the ISC website here.



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