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Nottingham High School head: Let’s share “good practice” September 24, 2010

Posted by Alex, Managing Director in Independent Education, New releases.

The latest title in our Leading Schools of the 21st Century series, Public Relations, Marketing and Development, is back from the printers and copies are on their way to the HMC ahead of their annual conference this week, where the book will be launched.

One of the contributors, Kevin Fear, Head  at Nottingham High School, has kindly provided us with some information on why he feels now was a good time for a book release on marketing in independent schools.

“I was happy to contribute to Public Relations, Marketing and Development and feel that this will prove to be a very useful publication for all who work in schools.  Over the past decade independent schools have become so much more professional in the way that they market themselves and in an increasingly competitive world this book shares good practice, tips and advice from those who have been involved in the evolving discipline of marketing schools.

“My first involvement in marketing came when I expressed an opinion on an advert that the school I was working in had placed.  From there was formed a marketing committee and eventually I took on responsibility for marketing the school.  I know how useful I would have found a book like this at that time.

“Each person involved in the marketing of schools comes to it with a huge variety of different expertise.  Whether involved in marketing outside of the schools world or as a Head who has little experience of marketing, this book will show you how to fully integrate marketing and development into your practice.

“In the section I have contributed I have looked at the importance of the admissions department to the Head.  Without the successful recruitment of pupils each year the school simply cannot operate – I look at how to embed marketing into the heart of decision-making in a school, to ensure that the Head is comfortable with what is happening and to ensure that the marketing department is both respected by the school community and adds significantly to it.  Quite simply, it explains why the admissions department is as important to the Head as his management team or his PA!

“Marketing and development are gradually becoming embedded in the majority of independent schools but given the competitive pressures between schools it is difficult to share good practice in the way that happens in such areas as teaching and learning.  This book helps to do just that, however experienced you are, you will find some good ideas here and ideas for how your marketing and development strategies might develop in the future.”



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